XE10000   2* 5000W @ 4R | 2* 2600W @ 8R

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XE Series professional amplifiers are designed for portable and fixed installations. Five models are available: XE2500, XE4000, XE5002, XE6000 and XE10000. All type have graphics LCD display and two JOGs for tuning system parameters. The devices have internal webserver for full remote control over standard ETHERNET. There are two possible ways to use the remote control functions: with normal internet browser (JAVA based), and with PKNC control software.

Main Features

- High output power and high efficiency
- Advanced high frequency switching technology
- Small size, low weight, ideal for touring applications
- Networkable amplifier over standard Ethernet
- AMPControl software and JAVA based control
- All functions can be accessible by remote
- Graphics LCD for easy setup and diagnostics
- Two JOG button for fast navigating
- Digital volume and input sensitivity control
- Built-in programmable limiter
- Output Peak and average Voltage,Current measuring
- Displays actual load impedance
- Embedded webserver for set&view parameters by a web browser
- Five user profiles
- Intelligent protective functions
- High frequency resonanat power supply with active PFC function
- Wide mains voltage operation range


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