LC4004U 4* 2100W @ 4R | 4* 2700W @ 2,7R

LC Universal Line Series | Four Channel Power Amplifiers

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Main Features

- Small size, lightweight 4 channels amplifier
- Worldwide operational range of mains voltage
- Output power and sound quality are independent from
 Mains changes in very wide range (85Vac -- 275Vac)        
- Strong double resonant power supply with PFC
- High output power and good pulse response
- Built-in U / I / no-clip limiters
- Bridged configuration ability
- High power conversion efficiency ,low thermal emission
- Improved reactive power handling/recycling capability
- 2way selectable fixed frequency hi/low-pass crossover
- Intelligent protective functions
- Two steps of built-in High frequency protection
- Soft-start, line overvoltage protection, 400VAC proof
- Large internal energy storage
- Cooling fans are hidden deep in the case, less noisy
- Rugged steel chassis in compact size
- No need for cooling air jamming filters, non moisture sensitive
  cooling structure design,
- Designed and manufactured in the European Union (HUNGARY)


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