PKN H8 Universal Line Series | High Power (New technology) Amplifiers

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Main Features

- Very high power amplifier in super compact form factor
- Worldwide operational range of mains voltage
- Output power and sound quality are independent from
 Mains changes in very wide range (85Vac -- 300Vac)        
- Strong double resonant power supply with PFC
- User programmable mains limiter and fuse saver
- User programmable U / I / no-clip limiters
- Bridged configuration ability
- High power conversion efficiency ,low thermal emission
- Improved reactive power handling/recycling capability
- Effective sample rates over 1000KS/s from the analog inputs
- Not 'common rails' structure
- Output Voltage up to 230Vp per channel
- Soft-start, line overvoltage protection, 400VAC proof
- Internal energy storage well over 1000 Joules
- Output current up to 130Ap
- Rugged steel chassis in compact size
- No need for cooling air jamming filters, non moisture sensitive
  cooling structure design,
- Designed and manufactured in the European Union (HUNGARY)



H8-18002U 2x 5500W @ 4Ohms | 2x 9200W @ 2Ohms

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Technical Specifications

Parameter H8-18002U

Channel number 2 input / 2 output
Power requirements
85V - 270VAC, 45 - 56 Hz or 85V - 270VDC*  (400Vac proof**)
Typical Mains requirement with music signal Programmable mains limiter & FUSE character 70A (110Vac), 32A (230Vac)
Min. mains operational Voltage (prior UVLO activated) 59Vac
Max. mains operational Voltage (prior OVLO activated) 350Vac
Soft starting
yes, very soft, user-programmable power-up sequence
Power Supply
High frequency interleaved resonant includes active PFC
Mains power factor  > 0.94 (above 250W)
Mains connection
Working temperature range
0C - 45C
Storage temperature range
-25C - 60C
Maximum Peak Output Voltage (per channel) 230Vp
Output power @ 8 Ohms
2 x 2750W

Output power @ 6 Ohms 2 x 3660W
Output power @ 4 Ohms
2 x 5500W

Output Power @ 2.7 Ohms 2 x 7500W
Output power @ 2 Ohms
2 x 9200W

Bridge mode Not available

Minimal load impedance
0.5 Ohms
Frequency (+/- 3dB, 8 Ohms)
2 Hz - 56 kHz
Slew rate (Input HF filter bypassed)
100V / us
Damping factor ( 8 Ohm, range of 20Hz- 100Hz) > 20000
Output Peak Current (per channel) 130Ap
End stages
Multilevel PKN H8
Output connection
Four pole Neutrik Speakon (1+2+ in parallel 1-2- parallel)
Effective sample rate per channel 1000 KS/s
Gain ( Front knobs at 0dB) 40dB
Signal to noise ratio
115 dB

Nominal sensitivity for max. output level (balanced)
700 mV (rms)

Input impedance (referred to ground)
10 kOhms + 10 KOhms ( +/- 1% )
Input terminals
Neutrik XLR
Built in limiters
Max. output level, output current, signal no-clip, sustained high-frequency, intelligent over temperature
Output level meters
Mains overcurrent, Short circuit, Overload, Low impedance, thermal, DC fault, High-frequency
Forced air cooling with regulated, temperature dependent 
Direction of air flow
Front to rear
Bridged configuration ability
11 Kgs net | 14Kgs in export paper box
External dimensions
19" rack 483 x 460 x 44mm (1RU)

* For detailed installation and technical support please contact to PKN Audio ( )

** Turns off once mains over Voltage detected ( greater than 350Vac ) and resumes normal operation once mains fall back into the normal range , bellow 300Vac.

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